I gave my cat a bath for the first time in years!

Here's what happened This is Bridget attempting to get away from me while the bath was running. Good thing I closed the door! In all Bridget did a great job in the bath! I am so proud of her. she was not happy about the situation and tried to escape a few times. The hardest … Continue reading I gave my cat a bath for the first time in years!

Getting Personal..

My favorite quote right now and here's why I really resonated with this quote the moment I read it. It made me think; if you don't focus on what you want how will you ever get it. So many people think that good things should just happen to them and if they wish really hard … Continue reading Getting Personal..

Cheap start to your summer garden

The Dollar Tree offers seasonal products year round depending on the season and upcoming holidays. With spring finally here you can find many useful things at the Dollar Tree to start your summer garden! The best part is...everything is only one dollar!! I found these great starter kits at my local Dollar Tree over my … Continue reading Cheap start to your summer garden

mid-term blues

If your like me, you are past mid-term and already waiting for the semester to be over. You are waiting for the stress of school to be lifted off your shoulders. With it feeling like an eternal winter it is easy to get yourself down. However, there may be hope! I found this Quote from … Continue reading mid-term blues

restore your energy

5 hacks to boost your energy in an instant. As a college student it can be hard to keep up with everything that is going on in life. it is difficult to find a few hours to get the rest you need and get everything done. Between school, homework, papers, work, and friends many students … Continue reading restore your energy

My Latest Obsession!

Rick.Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.My Lizard. If you don't understand what Rick and Morty is you should probably stop reading.. but don't! If you don't know what Rick and Morty is you need to watch it. In the past month I got a Bearded Dragon. Rick. I got Rick through one of my co-workers who wanted … Continue reading My Latest Obsession!

What is a bullet Journal anyway?

Mixing creativity into your daily routine Bullet journals are a great way to merge the traditional planner with a sketch book and, more often than not, includes a little of everything in between. When starting a bullet journal many use a dotted journal or just a blank one. Personally, I use a blank journal that … Continue reading What is a bullet Journal anyway?